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Ozone is naturally made by UV rays of the sun as it enters our atmosphere and contacts oxygen-known as the “ozone layer.”  It is one of the strongest germicides known to humans.  It is 3,000 times stronger than chlorine.

​Our generators break up O2 (oxygen) to make O3 (ozone) which in turn eliminates odors for fresh, clean, bacteria-free air. 

We bring our patented ozone machines and techniques to your location to eliminate (not mask) the source of the odor.  Our machines are state of the art generators that use the latest technology that emits strong doses of Ozone, scientifically proven to remove germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew at the source.

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WOW! I have used Affordable Ozone and found the service and product amazing. I look forward to our continued connection and wish you all the best.

Ronnie, Tampa Bay 
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